I'm Carson. I'm pretty chill most of the time. I'm really into the following things: Harry Potter, RENT, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Yaoi, Yuri, Death Note, Ouran High School Host Club, Orange Is The New Black, Spring Awakening, Blue October, Independent Movies, Supernatural, Jefferey Lewis, Sterek, Paintings, Indie Films, Twenty One Pilots, Rise Against, Porn, We Need To Talk About Kevin, Body Modification, Pornstars, Photography, Shameless, Bastille... Anything else you want to know you can ask. Send me a message, I like new people to talk to.

 bitch(es) creepin'

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so i bought this ring that has a little hinge and it opens up to a tiny secret box hidden under the gem and my mom told me that women used to put poison in it and then SLIP POISON INTO PEOPLES DRINKS and i was like NUH UH THIS CANT BE REAL and i just googled it and guys this is like a real thing

people are psycho

I have a few of those. I think they’re really neat!

classiest way to poison someone hands down

That’s how it all goes down in Hamlet, poison ring.

I’ve always, always wanted one of these because I have pure peppermint liquid that can ruin a drink with one drop and just kargfksernjskrn I want one.

wait why does everyone want one of these

what are all of you people planning

i regret making this post because i have been getting the creepiest reblogs in the universe seriously tumblr u scary